Steady as she goes

Another update on my progress so far.

early starts and late finishes leaves little time in-between, but I’m getting there. I definitely feel I will fall over on the feedback step as I haven’t yet focused on that. But I plan on having a big weekend of catch-up, so fingers crossed. Here’s what I have so far for steps 7 and 8 + the spreadsheet. Unrefined!

Diving deeper into the ratios

Had a better go at the ratios today, trying to develop my understanding so that I can relate the figures better. A couple of areas had me stumped but after a relaxing weekend I’ve found a little more clarity. I’ll keep pushing through! Here’s an updated draft for my ratios including the spreadsheet if anyone wishes to have a look.


Ratio’s away….and such.

Ahh ratios,

I’ve begun working through my ratios and finding it quite fascinating, I’m looking forward to analyzing them further.

One issue I have found is in regards to the Inventories. My company (Event hospitality and entertainment) lists inventories within their statements to the sums of 21.5 million, which is substantial enough to draw my attention. However I cannot seem to identify a figure for the cost of goods sold. If anyone has any insights I’d love to hear them!

I’ve began on my steps 7-9 drafts although I’ve let myself fall behind due to an increased daily work load and corresponding increased laziness during my out of work hours.

Forgive the roughness, I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting my mind around everything in this later stage in the assignment. I find myself staring blankly at the screen trying to make sense of my thoughts. Good Times.

Anyway here’s where I’m at. I don’t feel very confident as of yet with these steps, I believe i will try and tackle step 9 with a slightly different approach, and then try to reset and re-tackle steps 7 and 8, Any feedback would be much appreciated and I look forward to reading some other drafts to hopefully gain some inspiration!

Let it be known that if it doesn’t make sense to you….It definitely hasn’t made sense to me. rough draft’s away!

Restated financial statements

So, here’s my first attempt at the restated financials. I believe everything balanced where it needs to but I need to go over it all again to make sure I have allocated everything I’ve needed to, and placed it correctly either as Operating or Financial. At this point I’ve allocated them to my initial understanding of what they fall under, which the intention of completely going through each item again, after tackling chapters 5 and 6. Just to give my mind a rest from the numbers.

I started to feel a bit confused by the end of all the figures and following Maria’s explanation of where the formulas are calculated. After working back through it again I’ve gained a bit more clarity but I need to further my understanding of the individual aspects associated with restating. The videos are definitely a helpful tool, I wouldn’t know where to start without them.

I’m also looking to now go through some others draft restatements to explore the differences between the companies, and identify reasons why others have identified and allocated components of their statements differently to my own.

Chapter 4

Posting up what I have so far for my draft for my chapter 4, It’s still pretty rough and there are more than likely a few mistakes in there I’m yet to correct. I made an early start this morning trying to get my head around certain topics. I got a bit stuck on Cost of Capital in particular but have had a go at gaining some understanding on it. Plenty to get through this week as I have to submit my step 1 by Thursday night as I’m going away for Easter weekend. It’s a big lot of information within chapter 4, that’s for sure.

edit#1 – Updated chapter 4 step 1, added a few extra bits in, the uploaded file is a more complete draft now.

Dunne and Dusted

Get it……Dunne…

Assignment 1 submitted, If I read through it again I’ll go insane! It’s great to see everyone in the unit discussing how they feel they went, and looking to move forward in the next steps! I took a me day today, we started building the next stage of our garden which includes a frog sanctuary! Exciting stuff! I had the pleasure of watching Naomi move my homemade rotisserie, and then panic/scream as a green tree frog launched onto her arm. Brilliant stuff!

little bit of assignment editing/submitting, and a few cheeky beers to top of a splendid day. I hope your all doing well! Keen to kick on with the next chapters tomorrow. I do love my Monday cram sessions!

Here’s a cruisey tune for you all!

Steps 3 – 6

Hi ya’ll

I’ve managed to finally get a close to complete draft together. At this point I know everyone is at the point where they are polishing off and trying to finish up their assignments. So I don’t really expect thorough feedback. It’s a bit late in the game now.

If anyone chooses to have a look and provide any feedback that would be great. Even if its just based on a section or a particular thought. I’m still working on the reflection for chapter 2 but mainly 3. But have opted to post where I’m up to regardless, some of it is there. Some of it may be wrong but I’m too tired at this point to filter through what I’ve written. Apologies for the length

Hope everyone is going well with their studies!


Feelgood Feedback

I’ve made a start on giving a bit of feedback, and have opted to tackle two birds with one stone in this post. I’m growing to see the real importance of feedback and although I’m not the best at giving it, I’m hoping to grow this ability throughout my studies. I appreciate any and all feedback for those who have looked through my assignments, and I understand the workload that is behind it.

At the top of my favorite blogs, #1 goes to Paul Feasey. I’ve found myself amazed at Paul’s online presence and ability to chime in with some key tips and advice to anyone looking for answers, and this is the main reason I have nominated Paul as my #1. Paul’s blog posts are always a good read, and completely relevant to what I believe people throughout this course are experiencing. Great work Paul!

On top of that I’ve chosen to provide feedback to Paul because I expected his draft to be exactly what I would want to achieve throughout this assignment and I wasn’t disappointed. Paul strengths are shown throughout his writing. In my opinion he managed to successfully pick up on key information about his company, analyse that information by searching for answers throughout his annual report and relating articles and make sense of what is going on. All while portraying his point of view to the reader in a captivating manner. It’s a great draft, and I picked up some key points that I have missed while looking into my company along the way. Below I have attached my first attempt at the feedback sheet for Paul.

Below I am also adding another round of Feedback for Brandon Saunders who’s company is Saunders International. Brandon’s blog also has an interesting layout, very different from my own however I found for some reason the follow button down the bottom right hand corner doesn’t pop up, I had to manually subscribe to the blog through the WordPress settings. Also I could not comment on a any blogs unless comments had previously been posted. It is a nice layout though, good work Brandon.

Here is the feedback I’ve given to Gayle whose blog is Just Chequing In. Brilliant name by the way. Good start on your assignment Gayle, seems like an interesting company and I never knew a company such as them existed.

Time management includes time off!

So, I’ve been a little bit slack this weekend, but it is important to take some time to breathe! Another big Monday uni session to get myself feeling on top of everything.

But first, I’m feeling like spinning a yarn, see if I can add a bit more of a personal touch to my blog by looking at the importance of having some free time every now and then.

When I started this unit I pretty much knew straight away that I would let myself down if I tried to “bite off more than I can chew”. Especially in regards to time management, and as I’ve noted before, I’m only tackling one unit.

Time management never really worked well for me, I like to steadily work through things thinking and writing notes as I go, But I only set one goal, stay ahead of the deadlines. While I’m at work, I’m constantly thinking about this subject, the more I do this, the more questions I can come up with. I have a book sitting on my bench nearby or in the smoko room, and when I go past I jot a few things down and get back to work. At lunch, I re-read the study guide and take notes. When I get home, I’ll type my thoughts up and edit them into a paragraph, this system works for me, I call it chaotic progress.

I’m lucky in the sense that my job can be repetitive, and even though sometimes I need to find solutions to problems, most of it is general maintenance, and I can let my subconscious do the work while I’m thinking about ACCT11059 and listening to Wings Greatest Hits louder than my supervisor would like me too. I’m a bit behind on my reflection for chapters 2 and 3, but I’ll knock over a chunk of that today along with a few other steps in the assignment.

So the weekend rolled around and I honestly could not be bothered with uni, I had one of those weeks, time for some refreshing. The deal was, hobbies on the weekend, Monday for study. This probably isn’t classed as study, but I do want to captivate my audience with something nice. So here’s one of my hobbies. The garden, our little paradise, It’s growing more and more as we run out of room for plants in the main section. I honestly never thought I’d enjoy gardening so much, and even though I’m an amateur, I couldn’t imagine not having one, its a relatively cheap and extremely rewarding hobby! Here’s a few snippets from the garden, with possibly a couple of pets….

lilies coming to life
Baylee teaching a stress less class
Spats enticing native bees into our garden
enticing frogs into our yard, next extension will include a frog sanctuary, can’t wait!
side garden, the tree ferns suffered the recent hot days, coming back strong.
can’t beat a good crows nest
peanut practicing baylees stress less techniques
little miss baylee
little spider eating my bees
our back garden
continued back garden
ginger, so easy to grow, if you love cooking with ginger throw some in the garden for a never ending supply!

Step 3 – Company background, thoughts and such….

G’day to you all.

So I’ve spent a lot of time going through my step 3 and although I feel it is far from finished I’m putting a draft out there for review. While spending most of my time playing with this I have very much neglected my reflections and KCQ’s for chapters two and three, and my feedback giving….and peer wise (bows head in shame). All which will be my focus for this weekend. But I have been working on them passively at work (sneaky workbook next to the machinery I’m repairing) and of course during lunch break.

I’m glad I started working on this step before jumping ahead as I assumed it would be the most challenging, and it was nothing short of challenging. I have thoroughly enjoyed this step so far, although I’m sure I’ve missed a section or two I’m constantly ticking boxes as I go, it’s all coming together.

Special shout out to the PASS crew, loving every minute of it you’re all champions! Of course to Danielle also, thank’s for giving up your time to help us further our studies, the sessions are worth every minute!

Righto, Beer time now.

Happy studies!