Me, Myself and I


My name is Kyl and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Accounting at CQUniversity, Part-time.

Baylee bothering Peanut

So, a little about me, I grew up in FNQ, and currently live in Gordonvale, just south of Cairns with my lovely girlfriend Naomi. By day, I’m a Fitter and Turner at a local sugar mill (I know right, aspiring Fitter/Accountant). By night, an anxious student, amazing boyfriend (Naomi scoffs), homeowner and carer, for a rambunctious dog named Baylee, a moody feline called Peanut, and Fang, a Spotted Python with anger issues.

Outside of that, I enjoy all the good things in life, Fishing, Camping and Beer mainly. Music is a massive part of my life, rarely am I ever not listening to music, and if not, I’m tinkering on the piano, guitar, or drums if I can get near a set! I’m also an avid DIY’er, even attempted to blog some of my builds and ideas once before, but that has been sitting in the “I’ll get to it later” basket for a few months now.

check it out:

I never really figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and the reason I still don’t know is that I’m yet to grow up. But I’ve grown to find the world of finance rather fascinating, and have taken it upon myself to have a good old crack at a bachelors degree, although to be honest, I’m not the most confident person, and it plays on my mind quite a bit, but that is a work in progress, and it won’t stop me from trying!

So that just about sums me up. An unsure, hopeful bloke, ready to learn and grow, and gain some skills along the way!



Naomi and I in Engelberg, Switzerland