Time management includes time off!

So, I’ve been a little bit slack this weekend, but it is important to take some time to breathe! Another big Monday uni session to get myself feeling on top of everything.

But first, I’m feeling like spinning a yarn, see if I can add a bit more of a personal touch to my blog by looking at the importance of having some free time every now and then.

When I started this unit I pretty much knew straight away that I would let myself down if I tried to “bite off more than I can chew”. Especially in regards to time management, and as I’ve noted before, I’m only tackling one unit.

Time management never really worked well for me, I like to steadily work through things thinking and writing notes as I go, But I only set one goal, stay ahead of the deadlines. While I’m at work, I’m constantly thinking about this subject, the more I do this, the more questions I can come up with. I have a book sitting on my bench nearby or in the smoko room, and when I go past I jot a few things down and get back to work. At lunch, I re-read the study guide and take notes. When I get home, I’ll type my thoughts up and edit them into a paragraph, this system works for me, I call it chaotic progress.

I’m lucky in the sense that my job can be repetitive, and even though sometimes I need to find solutions to problems, most of it is general maintenance, and I can let my subconscious do the work while I’m thinking about ACCT11059 and listening to Wings Greatest Hits louder than my supervisor would like me too. I’m a bit behind on my reflection for chapters 2 and 3, but I’ll knock over a chunk of that today along with a few other steps in the assignment.

So the weekend rolled around and I honestly could not be bothered with uni, I had one of those weeks, time for some refreshing. The deal was, hobbies on the weekend, Monday for study. This probably isn’t classed as study, but I do want to captivate my audience with something nice. So here’s one of my hobbies. The garden, our little paradise, It’s growing more and more as we run out of room for plants in the main section. I honestly never thought I’d enjoy gardening so much, and even though I’m an amateur, I couldn’t imagine not having one, its a relatively cheap and extremely rewarding hobby! Here’s a few snippets from the garden, with possibly a couple of pets….

lilies coming to life
Baylee teaching a stress less class
Spats enticing native bees into our garden
enticing frogs into our yard, next extension will include a frog sanctuary, can’t wait!
side garden, the tree ferns suffered the recent hot days, coming back strong.
can’t beat a good crows nest
peanut practicing baylees stress less techniques
little miss baylee
little spider eating my bees
our back garden
continued back garden
ginger, so easy to grow, if you love cooking with ginger throw some in the garden for a never ending supply!

One thought on “Time management includes time off!

  1. Great post there. Garden looks good. I know a bit about ginger. A great little plant. Time management is a learned skill, you’ll figure it out. Keep moving forward.


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