Restated financial statements

So, here’s my first attempt at the restated financials. I believe everything balanced where it needs to but I need to go over it all again to make sure I have allocated everything I’ve needed to, and placed it correctly either as Operating or Financial. At this point I’ve allocated them to my initial understanding of what they fall under, which the intention of completely going through each item again, after tackling chapters 5 and 6. Just to give my mind a rest from the numbers.

I started to feel a bit confused by the end of all the figures and following Maria’s explanation of where the formulas are calculated. After working back through it again I’ve gained a bit more clarity but I need to further my understanding of the individual aspects associated with restating. The videos are definitely a helpful tool, I wouldn’t know where to start without them.

I’m also looking to now go through some others draft restatements to explore the differences between the companies, and identify reasons why others have identified and allocated components of their statements differently to my own.

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