Ratio’s away….and such.

Ahh ratios,

I’ve begun working through my ratios and finding it quite fascinating, I’m looking forward to analyzing them further.

One issue I have found is in regards to the Inventories. My company (Event hospitality and entertainment) lists inventories within their statements to the sums of 21.5 million, which is substantial enough to draw my attention. However I cannot seem to identify a figure for the cost of goods sold. If anyone has any insights I’d love to hear them!

I’ve began on my steps 7-9 drafts although I’ve let myself fall behind due to an increased daily work load and corresponding increased laziness during my out of work hours.

Forgive the roughness, I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting my mind around everything in this later stage in the assignment. I find myself staring blankly at the screen trying to make sense of my thoughts. Good Times.

Anyway here’s where I’m at. I don’t feel very confident as of yet with these steps, I believe i will try and tackle step 9 with a slightly different approach, and then try to reset and re-tackle steps 7 and 8, Any feedback would be much appreciated and I look forward to reading some other drafts to hopefully gain some inspiration!

Let it be known that if it doesn’t make sense to you….It definitely hasn’t made sense to me. rough draft’s away!

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