Feelgood Feedback

I’ve made a start on giving a bit of feedback, and have opted to tackle two birds with one stone in this post. I’m growing to see the real importance of feedback and although I’m not the best at giving it, I’m hoping to grow this ability throughout my studies. I appreciate any and all feedback for those who have looked through my assignments, and I understand the workload that is behind it.

At the top of my favorite blogs, #1 goes to Paul Feasey. I’ve found myself amazed at Paul’s online presence and ability to chime in with some key tips and advice to anyone looking for answers, and this is the main reason I have nominated Paul as my #1. Paul’s blog posts are always a good read, and completely relevant to what I believe people throughout this course are experiencing. Great work Paul!

On top of that I’ve chosen to provide feedback to Paul because I expected his draft to be exactly what I would want to achieve throughout this assignment and I wasn’t disappointed. Paul strengths are shown throughout his writing. In my opinion he managed to successfully pick up on key information about his company, analyse that information by searching for answers throughout his annual report and relating articles and make sense of what is going on. All while portraying his point of view to the reader in a captivating manner. It’s a great draft, and I picked up some key points that I have missed while looking into my company along the way. Below I have attached my first attempt at the feedback sheet for Paul.

Below I am also adding another round of Feedback for Brandon Saunders who’s company is Saunders International. Brandon’s blog also has an interesting layout, very different from my own however I found for some reason the follow button down the bottom right hand corner doesn’t pop up, I had to manually subscribe to the blog through the WordPress settings. Also I could not comment on a any blogs unless comments had previously been posted. It is a nice layout though, good work Brandon.

Here is the feedback I’ve given to Gayle whose blog is Just Chequing In. Brilliant name by the way. Good start on your assignment Gayle, seems like an interesting company and I never knew a company such as them existed.

One thought on “Feelgood Feedback

  1. Thanks Kyl for having me at your number 1 spot. Really appreciate the comments above and the feedback that you have done for me. Glad you’re enjoying and finding value in what I am doing. Cheers Paul


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