Steps 3 – 6

Hi ya’ll

I’ve managed to finally get a close to complete draft together. At this point I know everyone is at the point where they are polishing off and trying to finish up their assignments. So I don’t really expect thorough feedback. It’s a bit late in the game now.

If anyone chooses to have a look and provide any feedback that would be great. Even if its just based on a section or a particular thought. I’m still working on the reflection for chapter 2 but mainly 3. But have opted to post where I’m up to regardless, some of it is there. Some of it may be wrong but I’m too tired at this point to filter through what I’ve written. Apologies for the length

Hope everyone is going well with their studies!


6 thoughts on “Steps 3 – 6

  1. Hi Kyl,
    You have put great effort on your draft, your company looks very interesting you have gathered a lot of information, which you could present them in a tremendous way. Your hard work reflects your passion and ambition.


  2. Hi Kyl. I enjoyed reading through your company background. How exciting is your company! What caught my eye was the comment relating to Rydges Gladstone. I am a local and have seen the market downturn since the 2015 construction boom. So I thought I would give you some trivia around this time period. Gladstone went through a construction boom in 2014 to 2016 while building the LNG gas plants on Curtis Island. After construction had finished and maintenance works began the construction boom subsided and we found ourselves watching all the house prices drop (including mine) and the economy taking a nose drive. This might be why your company decided to de-invest in Rydges. Anyway just some trivia for you 😊


  3. Me again 🙂 I was readying through your chapter 2 report and thought maybe you could include the accrual method or revenue recognition your company would use? Does it state this in your annual report? My company (which certainly isn’t as exciting as yours) talks about their revenue recognition and accrual method whereby they recognise revenue in relation to the progress timeline of the certain sales of equipment. Being such a big company I could imagine their assumptions would have to be on the mark to account for future revenue.


    1. Thanks for the comments leigh, I never thought to look at dive further into those items, also the information about Gladstone is very helpful. It also led me further to think about why their Port Douglas QT is meeting the same fate and I have a few ideas why. Thank’s again!


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