Step 3 – Company background, thoughts and such….

G’day to you all.

So I’ve spent a lot of time going through my step 3 and although I feel it is far from finished I’m putting a draft out there for review. While spending most of my time playing with this I have very much neglected my reflections and KCQ’s for chapters two and three, and my feedback giving….and peer wise (bows head in shame). All which will be my focus for this weekend. But I have been working on them passively at work (sneaky workbook next to the machinery I’m repairing) and of course during lunch break.

I’m glad I started working on this step before jumping ahead as I assumed it would be the most challenging, and it was nothing short of challenging. I have thoroughly enjoyed this step so far, although I’m sure I’ve missed a section or two I’m constantly ticking boxes as I go, it’s all coming together.

Special shout out to the PASS crew, loving every minute of it you’re all champions! Of course to Danielle also, thank’s for giving up your time to help us further our studies, the sessions are worth every minute!

Righto, Beer time now.

Happy studies!

3 thoughts on “Step 3 – Company background, thoughts and such….

  1. I really enjoyed reading your draft. I didn’t realise that all of those cinemas were owned by the same company. It’s good they have branched out to hotels and resorts though. It makes you wonder how Netflix and on demand have an effect on the company. I remember the old drive in theaters that are none existent now. I suppose the cinemas will go the same way soon.


    1. great point, i never considered the effect netflix and even movie piracy might have on them! I suppose that’s why they have such a large focus on ensuring the experience of a cinema makes you want to go to them!


  2. Hi Kyl,
    I really enjoyed reading your company. You have gathered a lot of interesting information. I could compare your company’s share price, which is over $13 per share with my company’s midget share price which is only $0.049.
    It seemed you put a very hard work on your draft and you did very nicely explain their annual report. You are really lucky to have an easy annual report to read.

    All the best with the rest of assignment.


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